Audeliver demo podcast: Christmas Medley ? (Holiday Youtube Singers Collab)

Christmas Medley ? (Holiday Youtube Singers Collab)

Published on Sat, 5 Sep 2020 11:29:13

WE DID A CHRISTMAS MEDLEY YAAAAY! ? We are doing a Christmas charity St.Jude Research Hospital for children in need, so any help would be great! ►DONATE HERE: Happy Holidays everyone! I'm here to present you all with this wonderful collaboration made to show some holiday Christmas cheer and for all of you lovely people out there! To start this off, we are just a group of Youtube creators, both old and new, who are passionate in what we do and always want to share that joy with others. OR3O bought this idea and got all of us together to make this Christmas Medley and without her, I wouldn't met all of these amazing wonderful people I call my friends! Making this video was something real special to my heart and it gives me great honor to present it. ♥ I wanna thank all of the TALENTED people who worked on this: Bless Genuine for his mixing skills, the lovely OR3O for helping out with composing and scripting and The Musical Ghost for those electric swings that always make me wanna dance! Bless MagicalPouchofMagic and Apakilyspe for the art they did because its FRIGGIN' awesome and looks so adorable! I also wanna thank the singers who provided blissful vocals that brought this all together perfectly! Hope you guys enjoy! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ♥ (Make sure you guys follow each and every one of these talented people!) SOUNDCLOUD LINK: ► INSTRUMENTAL: ► ★CREDITS★ Music: Genuine (Mixer and Composer) ► OR3O (Composer) The Musical Ghost (Electric Swings) ► Video: Kathy-chan★ (Head editor) djsmell MagicalPouchofMagic Art: MagicalPouchofMagic ► Apakilyspe ► ----------------------------------------------------------------- VOCALISTS: OR3O ► Kathy-chan★ ► You are already here silly! Chi-chi ► SquigglyDigg ► PurpleRoselyn ► CG5 ► Swiblet ► Caleb Hyles ► djsmell ► Genuine ►Look at Music and you'll find him there!

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