Audeliver demo podcast: Seek (Live) - Mover of Mountains - Citipointe Worship (Official)

Seek (Live) - Mover of Mountains - Citipointe Worship (Official)

Published on Sun, 26 Jan 2020 04:02:13

Track 4 from Citipointe Live's new album "Mover of Mountains" NEW ALBUM OUT NOW! Check it out on all platforms including iTunes, Google Play and Spotify FREE MUSIC BOOK! head to - Filmed live at Citipointe Church, Brisbane, Australia. Worship Leader: Chardon Lewis For Music Book : Head to Official Lyrics: Verse 1: I won't relent in my pursuit for You No matter what comes my way I will seek You I'll keep running I'll keep chasing after You 'Cause I'm so in love So in love with You Verse 2: You won't relent in You pursuit for me No matter what come my way You will seek me You'll keep running You'll keep chasing after me 'Cause You're so in love So in love with me Chorus: How can it be, that the great I a is So in love with me I can't comprehend it You're so good to me I'll forever praise and gaze Upon Your majesty, Your majesty Bridge: I make this vow Jesus here ad now That I will seek You I will search and I will chase Running to Your name For all of my days Lifting Your praise Holy, Holy is Your name

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