Audeliver demo podcast: get good grades subliminal

get good grades subliminal

Published on Fri, 8 Feb 2019 20:39:05

i just found this on my computer & realized i never posted it so here ya go!! DONATE HERE: Subliminal messages are messages (phrases and images) that operate below the level of conscious awareness and delivered in a way to be perceived from the subconscious mind. They may be audio subliminal messages and of course,visual. For example, we can take the phrase “I am confident” and embed it into a music track where the conscious mind will nothear it clearly or in a video in which will be displayed for a split second, so the conscious mind will not have enough timeto process it logically. In both cases, the phrase is clearly perceivable from the subconscious mind. The constant repetition of this phrase or others helps on rewiring (creating new neural pathways) long thought patterns and one to think more positively, lose weight, have more confidence etc. (Provided by Request a subliminal in the comments!

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