Audeliver demo podcast: Nagliliyab na Krimen | SOCO

Nagliliyab na Krimen | SOCO

Published on Thu, 3 Sep 2020 11:12:46

"SOCO" looks into the brutal crime that led to the death of 75-year-old Sotero Lozada in a fire that razed his family's ancestral house in Valenzuela City. Lozada's daughter describes the suspicious circumstances of her father's death. Autopsy results then reveal it was not the fire that killed the victim. Authorities probe the crime, and identify robbery as the motive. A witness' statement and a series of circumstantial evidence point to a 26-year-old male who lives near Lozada's residence as the primary suspect. For more SOCO videos, see the link below: For more Mission Possible videos click here: To watch #NoFilter videos click the link below: Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News channel! - Visit our website at Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #SOCO #ABSCBNNews #SOCO2019

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