Audeliver demo podcast: Shri Shatrunjay Bhav Yatra - Live Darshan

Shri Shatrunjay Bhav Yatra - Live Darshan

Published on Mon, 11 Jul 2016 15:06:43

In this video the Shri Shatrunjay Bhav Yatra is well told by the very popular Param Pujya Dr Sri Vasant Guruji. The harmony and brotherhood in every human beckons the devotee to feel the halo of Sai Baba. The sacred flame of affection and admiration burns around every Theist. Finding God and letting go of the worldly pleasure becomes much easier as you draw yourself closer to God. Jainism is one of the religions who have always believed in the existence of universe and its belongings. Jain’s define godliness as the inherent quality of any soul characterizing infinite bliss. Here in each of the songs the singers have defined their love towards their creator and its belongings. “This universe is not created nor sustained by anyone”. For the best bhajans, aartis and devotional songs, SUBSCRIBE to Like, Comment and Share this video with everyone you love and who loves God. Connect with us on :- Facebook - Twitter Pinterest - Circle and follow us on Google+ - … Top 50 Devotional Chants is the most precious collection of unique chants. Download App Now: … Ganpati Mantra and Aarties: Lord Ganesha's App with best compilation of Aartis, Mantras, Bhajans & Stotras. Download App Now: PlayStore : ITune: … Hare Rama Hare Krishna Bhajans: A supreme bhajan compilation of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama's. Download App Now: Playstore: ITune: Shree Ram Bhaktimala is a devotional compilation with more than 150 songs Download App Now: Shri Krishna Bhajans, Install this app and listen to more than 250 Bhajan's. Download App Now:

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