Audeliver demo podcast: TNT Versions: TNT Boys - Together We Fly

TNT Versions: TNT Boys - Together We Fly

Published on Mon, 1 Jun 2020 13:17:17

Together We Fly by TNT Boys Words: Chochay Magno Music: Chochay Magno and Naldy Rodriguez Music Arrangement: Naldy rodriguez Vocal arrangement/Vocal coach: Froilan Canlas, Monet Silvestre Overall producer: TNTV /TNT Records Label: TNT Records Music Producers: Chochay Magno and Jean-Paul Verona Mixed by: Jean-Paul Verona, Wombworks Audio Production, Manila Mastered by: Steve Carrao, Nashville USA For the live performance version, Special thanks to TNT BAND and The Manila String Machine. TNTV Team Business Unit Head/Creative Director: Peter Edward Dizon Director: Carlo Jan Landrito Producer: Rowena Puzon-Valencia Associate Producer: Tyn Mistica, Ford Lariosa Segment Producer: Jhonel Paldas Artist Business Partners: Hervie Bautista, Jean Chiu, Kaicy Ronda, Kams MiƱano Production Assistants: Faye Eranzo, Dolly Lastimada, Seline Tan Ong The finest renditions of TNT's best vocalists made possible by TNT Band & The Arrangers For inquiries ?+639053837894 or +639178985508 ? Subscribe to TNT Versions, just click here: Also, follow us on our Social Media accounts:

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