Audeliver demo podcast: Luz Loreto - Gihandom Ko Ikaw - Another Timeless/Classic Cebuano Hit Love Song

Luz Loreto - Gihandom Ko Ikaw - Another Timeless/Classic Cebuano Hit Love Song

Published on Thu, 14 Mar 2019 10:07:32

Great things happened because of YouTube. Here's why. I started uploading customized videos of Luz Loreto two years back out of my genuine admiration over her compelling voice, I didnt know her personally. My recollection of her which I still cherish until now was during a Boholanos reunion somewhere in Manila where she serenaded us with her trademark Visayan and Tagalog love songs. My friend, a town-mate of Luz had no chance to introduce me to her as she was very busy accommodating old friends and acquaintances during intermissions. That was years back before YouTube became popular. I later learned that her family noticed my video postings of Luz Loreto in YouTube and I became a mystery uploader to them, everyone close to Luz thought that probably I was the retired General who had been known to have a crush on her and who was also present during that reunion. Luz's daughter, Lara (a vocalist of a local band) had a mission in mind, she wanted to know me. To cut to the chase, she signed an account in YouTube last month and sent me a message that her Mom and family were very thankful both to me and to the viewers who are still fascinated with Luz Loreto's classic, timeless music. Our families met and we had dinner together, we texted each other regularly and thereon our families became the best of friends. All of these were made possible because of YouTube technology - It has transformed the world we live into new dimensions and for better. I believe there are plenty of nice and interesting people here in YouTube community waiting for us to meet and interact and youll find them if you keep on searching. Featured video is another classic hit of Luz Loreto Gihandom Ko Ikaw (I Think of You). Through my request her family furnished me some of her photos which I included in this video. Relax and Enjoy!

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