Audeliver demo podcast: Resignation - Lee Young Hyun (MULTI-LANGUAGE 2020 cover) ♡, ??????????

Resignation - Lee Young Hyun (MULTI-LANGUAGE 2020 cover) ♡, ??????????

Published on Mon, 8 Jun 2020 19:56:48

(ENG??, HAN/KOR??, TAG/FIL?? subtitles available!!!) Hello out there, welcome back to my channel! Hope everyone's doing well. What a time we're all facing right now, a season.. But just like every season, this too shall pass. As the world is going on lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic, everyone is encouraged to stay home and indoors. Our "normal" lives have been put on hold for now and for me, that means no stage and live performances, shows, events, travels, etc.. It has indeed been a struggle, but we just gotta hold on and keep the faith. If you just really think about it, there's still so much to be thankful for, even during this very challenging time. One of which, aren't we lucky we have the internet! While here in the Philippines we are under 'community quarantine', I have been trying my best to still be productive and yes.. Finally, we got to work on some music content for you guys! As some of you may know, I've been livestreaming almost regularly on the KUMU app lately with random jam sessions.. And this particular song, I should say, has been the MOST REQUESTED. I first came across this korean classic as a suggestion by JinHo Bae for me to perform at the 2018 Asia Song Festival held in Busan, South Korea.. I then had this "lightbulb moment" to try to translate it to english, to which I ended up performing and received recognition. For this new cover, my friends in the industry have been so sweet to offer their help to make this version so much more special! We had this transcribed in ENGLISH, HANGUL/KOREAN, and TAGALOG/FILIPINO so you guys can sing along. ♡ - Instrumental and arrangement by Adonis Tabanda - English lyrics by Morissette, enhanced by Dave Lamar - Tagalog lyrics by Kiko Salazar - Subtitles by Morissette - Video and sound production by Dave Lamar Resignation 체념 originally by 이영현 Lee Young Hyun/Big Mama #Morissette

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