Audeliver demo podcast: [PLAYLIST] BEST KPOP SONGS OF 2020


Published on Wed, 26 Aug 2020 21:30:39

A playlist of the catchiest, ,coolest and the BEST KPOP SONGS of 2020! Check out pt.1: ❓FAQ’s: Where is my favorite song? - You can check the part 1 if your song made it. Are the songs ranked? - No. Other than the first song, it is completely randomized. How frequently do you make playlist? - I usually make 4x in a year, 2 for each half-year. What video editor do you use? - I mainly use Adobe Premiere Pro, sometimes Sony Vegas How much do you make in videos? - I do not earn a single penny from YouTube. However, you can help me with funds through clicking the shortened links I post in the description and comments. Where is my favorite song? - Yes, I repeated the question so that you won’t ask again in the comment section. Again, I can only include limited songs, so I just base the content through popularity and/or personal requests. ? SHORTEN LINKS AND GET PAID: ? 60FPS MV: ? DANCE PRACTICE: All rights belong to rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAGS: kpop playlist 2020,kpop playlist chill,kpop playlist hype,kpop playlist girl groups,kpop playlist sleep,kpop playlist badass,kpop playlist study,kpop playlist 2020 updated,kpop playlist soft,kpop playlist workout,kpop playlist dance,kpop songs,kpop song playlist,kpop playlists,kpop random dance,kpop dance,kpop 2020,2020,playlist 2020,kpop

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