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(YANO) Eric Gancio - Isa/ with Pictures

Published on Sun, 15 Apr 2018 15:21:19

Prot90s Page My fb account Eric Gancio's Story: In 1991 Eric Gancio went to Manila and studied at UP Diliman College of Music. He met Dong Abay in Patatag, a choral group, and became Yano in 1993. The release of the self-titled album "Yano" in June 1994, would be the beginning of his professional music career. In 1998, after producing 3 albums, Eric Gancio returned to his homeland Davao City to establish his base. In 2004, he produced the solo EP, "Sa Bandang Huli". To this day, He continues to perform as Yano around Mindanao, promoting Yano original songs and encouraging songwriters to excel. The reason he continues the name is because he believes that "yano" is a kind of philosophy, a way of life, and not a band that possesses a popularity status. Nor is it a fad or an act that lived shortly. It is rather an idea that keeps on growing with time, a developing viewpoint of what is the right conduct and the right view. It is finding philosophical and scientific answers to the questions we ask. Hence it is not about Dong Abay, nor Eric Gancio. But that which reflects our existence or impermanence. It is grounded in optimism, compassion and empathy, in our way of thinking we want to possess, so that the word "yano" could actually stand for simplicity. Eric Gancio is a native of Davao City. (Like Dong Abay is a native of Quezon City). Eric began his education at the Ateneo de Davao University, till his mid college years of civil engineering, and then sociology. Uncontented by his education with what he truly searches for, he gave up his beloved hometown for UP Diliman College of Music, where he contented himself with the teachings of classical music by his professor, Lester Demetillo. Being the eldest of three, a son of a lawyer father, Miguel (diseased) and a medical student mother, Mary Jane, now a pediatrician, Eric is the first in the family to emerge as a musician and a budding songwriter. In college, he emersed himself into theater music which brought him to musical directorship, and brought him to Manila for a performance at the Cultural Center of the Philippines during a showcase of nationwide theater groups. Eric would then stay in Manila after this event in 1991. Yano would then be created in 1993. The first Yano album would be released the following year in 1994 and would sweep the nation with its songs of reality, hope, love and humor. COURTESY DESCRIPTION BY WIKIPEDIA

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