Audeliver demo podcast: Straight A's Subliminal (Powerful)

Straight A's Subliminal (Powerful)

Published on Fri, 8 Feb 2019 20:26:38

Affirmations include: - Mini Booster - Getting straight A’s. - High Intelligence - Good Student - Get A’s without studying - Understand everything easily -- Understand Math, English(Language Arts), History (Social Studies), and Science Can Listen without earphones/headphones. (It’s recommended if you do so) Doesn’t contain Binaural Beats. Does not contain any negative Affirmation Listen At least 4 times a day within a month for full results. You will start to see results within 2-20 days, it varies person. Since this is a powerful Subliminal. Frequently Asked Questions for my subliminal's: Is your subliminal's safe? Yes, Indeed it is. In fact, I made this subliminal because it’s a lot of unsafe subliminal channels that add negative affirmations to their Subliminal's. What to do if I have a headache? Since my subliminal's are powerful, but not in a way that it can hurt you in any way. I recommend taking breaks in between subliminal's , limiting yourself to how many subliminal's you have, and or/ drink plenty of water. Are you taking request? At the moment, sadly no. Since I just now started this channel. I’m going to be focusing on decorating it and theme it out. But I will let you know when, and all request are free. When do you usually be active? I’m usually active after school hours (4:00 pm- 10:00 pm) (EST). Mostly depending on my free time, because i’m still in school, and I like to edit also in my free time. Music- Lucid Dreams (

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