Audeliver demo podcast: Aamir - I wanna love you (Akon cover / remix)

Aamir - I wanna love you (Akon cover / remix)

Published on Mon, 11 Mar 2019 13:30:46

Akon - I wanna love you (cover / remix) One of my favorite tracks by Akon, thought I'd bring it back with my own flavor ;) Follow me: T-Shirt provided by: Official Website: Facebook: Instagram: @RayDonsFashion R&B Covers: Source: LYRICS: [Akon] Shorty I can see you ain’t lonely Handful of niggease and they all got cheese See you lookin’ at me now what its gon’ be Just another tease far as I can see Tryna get you up out this club if it means spendin' a couple dubs Throwin’ bout 30 stacks in the back make it rain like that cause I'm far from a scrub And you know my pedigree, ex-deala use to move amphetamines Girl I spend money like it don’t mean nothing and besides I got a thing for you. [Chorus: Akon] I see you windin’ and grindin’ up on the floor, I know you see me lookin' at you and you already know I wanna love you, you already know I wanna love you, you already know girl [Akon] Girl and while your looking at me I’m ready to hit the caddy Right up on the patio move the patty to the caddy Baby you got a phatty, the type I like to marry Wantin’ to just give you everything and that’s kinda scary Cause I'm loving the way you shake your ass Bouncin', got me tippin' my glass normally don’t get caught up too fast But I got a thing for you

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