Audeliver demo podcast: Morissette Amon vs. Charice | The Vocal Showdown

Morissette Amon vs. Charice | The Vocal Showdown

Published on Mon, 11 Feb 2019 07:39:56

So people were messaging me nonstop. They told me to make a video between Morissette and Charice. It's really too difficult for me since both of them are my idols. Anyways, I love them both and sorry if I used some of the old videos of Charice since it's the only videos I had in my cellphone and in my computer :) She still can hit those high notes until now, even more higher though :) Thanks for watching and don't forget to press 480p in the settings :D Morissette Amon Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano Vocal Range: C3-E7 *Lowest Note - C3 *Highest Note in Belt Register - G5(G#5 Back when she was a kid) *Highest Note in Head Voice - D6 *Highest Note - E7 Charice Vocal Type: Mezzo Soprano Vocal Range: C#3-E6 *Lowest Note - G#2 (not included in the video too late to have the knowledge about her hitting this note) *Highest Note in Belt Register - Bb5 (not included in the video) *Highest Note - E6 P.S I do not own the videos credits to the owners and I would like to thank Chaster John Anthony Luna for having the video of Charice singing "Let it Go" and "Through the Fire during DFF Concert" . Labyuu Chaster John :) and thanks deedee greggy for the corrections :*

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