Audeliver demo podcast: The Evangelion Symphony (Epic/Classical/Emotional 29 Ost Playlist)

The Evangelion Symphony (Epic/Classical/Emotional 29 Ost Playlist)

Published on Tue, 18 Jul 2017 11:26:27

Facebook: Google+: If you liked a picture, check my facebook page, I have uploaded all of them there. Hey there, this symphony took a bit longer since I have never watched the anime, nevermind research it, so I had to do it all from scratch. But it turned out to be a goldmine of soundtracks! Tracklist: 0:00 At the very Beginning 2:22 Angel of Doom 6:07 Thanatos 8:20 Fate 11:50 Return to Ash 16:07 Trust 19:12 Rei 2 22:01 Expansion of Blockade 28:46 In my Spirit 31:56 Carnage 35:14 Shinji 37:09 Ultimate Soldier 40:46 L'Apotre de la Lune 44:07 Cruel Angel Thesis (Good don't be) 46:50 Serenity amongst the Turmoil 50:02 The Wrath of God in all its Fury 53:25 Destiny 56:10 Rei 59:03 Sins from Genesis 1:01:40 Tokyo 1:03:58 Betrayal 1:09:26 Depression 1:11:55 God's Gift 1:16:35 Backround Music 1:19:02 Quatre Mains 1:21:11 Crystaline Night Sky 1:23:27 Out of the Dark 1:27:08 God's Message 1:30:33 Fly me to the Moon B22 If you liked this video, be sure to Share, Like and Subscribe

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