Audeliver demo podcast: SOJA - Strength To Survive (Official Video)

SOJA - Strength To Survive (Official Video)

Published on Sat, 23 May 2020 14:54:56

Get SOJA "Strength To Survive" on iTunes & Spotify "The song is about how and what we're doing to the earth," singer Jacob Hemphill tells Spinner. "It's pretty scary to see what's happening and how fast it's happening. Our world is in a war over make-believe boundaries that we created ourselves, and it's over money, which we also created. The truth is that there's only one world and one people. If we don't act like it, we're doomed. That's the inspiration for the video." "I had an idea for this earth-versus-man thing. The tree man represents the earth, and he stops us from killing the earth. The video was directed by Joao Gargate, who we met and vibed with at the Sumol Summerfest in Ericeira, Portugal. His clay and photo and ability for creating models out of organics are what drew us to him. His work is amazing." SOJA is On Tour

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