Audeliver demo podcast: She Was Mine (Original) - AJ Rafael & Jesse Barrera #RedRoses​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​

She Was Mine (Original) - AJ Rafael & Jesse Barrera #RedRoses​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​

Published on Fri, 2 Feb 2018 01:49:07

GET THIS SONG ON iTUNES: This is a live performance of mine and Jesse's song, "She Was Mine". It's in honor of his birthday today! We wrote this song back in 2008, can you believe that it's been that long?! Jesse Barrera, producer/singer/songwriter extraordinaire AJ Rafael @AJRafael Check out my album, "Red Roses" here: If you're wondering about my shirt, it was one of the shirts used in the "Red Roses" album photoshoot... =) Special thanks to Andrew Rose (director), Christine Concepcion (set designer), RB de Guzman (PA), Nate Ibarbol (PA) Band: Andrew Rhim (guitar), Chad Manalo (bass), & Eric Kern (drums)​​​. About AJ Rafael Hey! I’m AJ Rafael and welcome to my channel. I am passionate about music, performing, Disney and creating YouTube content to share with you. Ever since I can remember I have been creating music, playing instruments and performing. Though I love playing the piano and guitar, I also love trying out unique instruments to create new and original sounds for every song I create. On this channel you will find unique music videos, like my original music, “She Was Mine” and “Without You” and musical medleys, like “My Disney Mashup.” If you like what you see make sure you click SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss a single note!​​​

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