Audeliver demo podcast: AJ Rafael - WIthout you (Ukulele Cover w/CHORDS)

AJ Rafael - WIthout you (Ukulele Cover w/CHORDS)

Published on Thu, 22 Mar 2018 18:43:56

Follow me on Tumblr! Follow me on Twitter! @joshabenojar Watch my Tutorial! So, this is AJ Rafael's "Without you" on the uke, to the best of my ability to make it sound somewhat like the original haha :] I hope you enjoy! There are some chords I do not know the name of, so hopefully you guys no how to read numbers! sorry! Strum Pattern : D U x D U D U x U D U D U x U U U x U (?) (i think thats the strum pattern i use? but make the strum pattern your own! make it sound cool. that was my intentions haha) CHORDS: CHORD progression for VERSES: F Am Dm F Dm 3311 (anyone know the name to this note?) Gm F 0311 F (and this one?) CHORD progression for CHORUS: Bb F Gm CHORD progression for BRIDGE: Eb Gm Bb F Last note is 0311 Uhm the "picking" for the intro is: Pluck G string 3rd fret Pluck A string open Pluck E 1st fret Interlude "picking" after first chorus is: Strum Gm with pinky on 6th fret, then 5th fret, then regular Gm.

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