Audeliver demo podcast: shawn mendes - lost in japan (cover)

shawn mendes - lost in japan (cover)

Published on Fri, 15 Mar 2019 12:39:32

HELLO FRIENDS IT'S BEEN LIKE 2 MILLION YEARS SINCE IVE POSTED BUT IM HERE IM BACK AND IM SORRY I WILL EXPLAIN BELOW IF U CAREEEEE SO first of all. I never said this but um my last video blew up for some reason and i hit 300k !!!! so thank u guys for that, and hello to my new people!!! there's a few things i wanna share here, this might be kinda long so strap in tight if you wanna read.. 1. my reason for not posting: i decided to take a break with finals and ap exams and graduation festivities and the ceremony and blah blah blah, but what i didn't expect was getting sick right after. so my voice was gone for about 2 weeks, it was really frustrating, AND THEN i went on a trip to New York so i couldn't record anything :/ i just got back yesterday though and everything is good now so after hours of deciding what to record and then recording this over and over again until i was 75% satisfied, here i am posting this vid lol (that was the longest run on sentence) 2. TOMORROW i am recording my first single !!!!! like officially w a producer and a studio and all that stuff. i am so excited to share it w you guys, i haven't decided on a release date yet but I will update you all probably on my IG or on here. so stay tuned!!! i plan on releasing an EP by the end of this summer too ;) 3. I announced this on my second channel where i do weird vlogs and stuff, (self promo go search "tifftoffY" and you'll find me) but I don't think I've shared w you guys on this youtube.. I have made my college decision (actually made it a while ago lol) BUT i will be moving to Los Angeles, California to study at Loyola Marymount University in the fall!!!!! I'm going to pursue communications hopefully, BUT being in LA means being able to collaborate with other youtubers and work more on my music. so i'm just really excited OK I GUESS THAT IS ALL. thank you guys for watching and thank u for your support!!!! i lowkey hate this cover but i hate all my covers so what can you do !!! :D :( love u guys! have an amazin gnig SOCIAL MEDIA: instagram @tday13 twitter @tdayr18 soundcloud @tifftoffY CAMERA: Canon G7x MICROPHONE: Blue Yeti USB Mic.

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