Audeliver demo podcast: The Ultimate Eminem Piano Medley (Complete Version)

The Ultimate Eminem Piano Medley (Complete Version)

Published on Fri, 19 Jun 2020 01:21:20

This is my extremely massive and comprehensive tribute to Eminem (as well as Dr. Dre obviously and anyone else he has collaborated with over the years for that matter). This is certainly the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken for the piano. This medley was obviously a LOT of work that took many months to learn, arrange, record, and edit but the end result was well worth it. There are 100 songs here that span Eminem’s entire career. I tried to give more focus and time to each song which is another reason why this medley is so long. Every song is in its original key and I would say about 80% of this medley was learned by ear. There is no sheet music available for these arrangements unfortunately. There are some mistakes here and there that I wish I could have back obviously but overall I think the medley turned out pretty well. My imperfections aside, I really hope you guys enjoy this medley as much as I did creating it! The sheer volume of this medley is a credit to Eminem and his discography so far. It truly is amazing how many good songs he has produced, and this doesn’t even do the lyrics justice, which are on another level by themselves. Thank you guys for all of the support! Enjoy and thanks for listening! Please subscribe for more piano music as well! Piano: Yamaha CLP-545 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The lineup: 0:00 Lose Yourself 4:14 No Apologies 5:26 Space Bound 7:45 Berzerk 10:06 Kim 12:32 Still Don’t Give a Fuck 14:33 Mockingbird 18:08 Puke 22:00 My 1st Single 24:12 Marshall Mathers 26:14 Superman 28:25 Crazy in Love 31:31 Hailie's Song 35:20 Guilty Conscience 36:30 One Shot 2 Shot 38:08 Beautiful 43:31 Under the Influence 45:12 Spend Some Time 49:11 Like Toy Soldiers 52:56 Love You More 56:05 Ass Like That 57:42 My Band 01:01:08 The Kids 01:04:34 When I'm Gone 01:09:07 Cinderella Man 01:12:26 Just Lose It 01:14:17 We Made You 01:16:27 Rock Bottom 01:20:26 Stan 01:24:20 Purple Pills 01:27:35 What’s the Difference 01:30:07 Music Box 01:34:54 Business 01:37:56 Kill You 01:40:55 Cleanin’ Out My Closet 01:46:08 8 Mile 01:50:08 Yellow Brick Road 01:53:34 Rain Man 01:56:42 How Come 01:59:29 Legacy 02:05:23 Criminal 02:07:40 My Fault 02:10:19 My Dad’s Gone Crazy 02:13:19 Lighters 02:18:23 The Way I Am 02:22:04 The Real Slim Shady 02:23:32 Say Goodbye Hollywood 02:27:29 Curtains Up 02:27:53 White America 02:33:25 Without Me 02:37:19 Never Enough 02:40:35 Mosh 02:44:41 Crack A Bottle 02:49:43 Evil Deeds 02:52:26 Rap Game 02:57:48 Rap God 03:02:24 The Monster 03:06:38 As The World Turns 03:10:20 Stay Wide Awake 03:14:18 Encore 03:19:22 Careful What You Wish For 03:24:49 My Name Is 03:26:10 Soldier 03:30:52 Love The Way You Lie 03:37:22 Survival 03:41:29 I Need A Doctor 03:47:28 Cold Wind Blows 03:52:18 My Mom 03:55:47 Insane 03:58:18 Difficult 04:01:50 Big Weenie 04:04:07 Same Song & Dance 04:07:23 Things Get Worse 04:11:13 Role Model 04:13:37 Renegade 04:19:01 Going Through Changes 04:26:00 No Love 04:34:01 Shake That 04:39:47 Deja Vu 04:44:26 Asshole 04:50:02 Brainless 04:56:00 ’97 Bonnie & Clyde 05:01:42 Just Don’t Give a Fuck 05:05:22 Sing for the Moment 05:11:54 Nail In The Coffin 05:15:33 My Darling 05:21:51 If I Get Locked Up 05:24:51 Go To Sleep 05:28:11 Square Dance 05:30:34 So Bad 05:36:03 Forgot About Dre 05:38:55 Phenomenal 05:46:07 Stronger Than I Was 05:52:13 We As Americans 05:57:24 Bully 06:02:51 25 To Life 06:07:24 Seduction 06:15:44 Not Afraid 06:23:19 Headlights 06:31:46 Till I Collapse

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