Audeliver demo podcast: MOANA MEDLEY | VoicePlay Feat. Rachel Potter

MOANA MEDLEY | VoicePlay Feat. Rachel Potter

Published on Fri, 12 Jun 2020 02:29:35

Thanks for watching! If you liked this video make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more! Support us on Patreon - and see us live in a city near you! Avail on iTunes --- HUGE SHOUT OUT TO RACHEL POTTER! FIND HER EVERYWHERE!!! FIND RACHEL POTTER HERE: MOANA MEDLEY SONG LIST :01 "Where You Are" :58 "How Far I'll Go" 1:57 "You're Welcome" 3:05 "Shiny" 4:05 "Know Who You Are" 4:47 "How Far I'll Go" 5:06 "We Know The Way" VOICEPLAY AROUND THE WEBZ: Snapchat: VoicePlay CREDITS: Arrangement: Layne Stein Additional Lead Arrangement: Hannah Juliano Video: Layne Stein Mix: Ed Boyer Camera Assistant: Justyn "Soaked-To-The-Bone" Rowe Filmed at Orange Studio Orlando, FL And of course NONE OF THESE videos would be possible without the support of our PATREON Community. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!!! All you vocal range geeks: Yes, Geoff hits a low G around the 4:10 mark. How many pounds of sand did we use to create our fake beach? First person to leave the correct answer in the comments wins life. No coconuts were harmed during the filming of this video. "Taco belly, belly... Oh, hey, a hockey leaguer, we know the way!!!". Mmmmm.... Tacos.

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