Audeliver demo podcast: It's time to go (Original)

It's time to go (Original)

Published on Fri, 15 Mar 2019 15:22:01

medicatedgeniusi won contest 5 about a thousand years ago and chose "It's time to go" Here it is. you can purchase the song on itunes "It's Time to Go" Verse 1 My fears are the tears and the sorrow I think I'll just wait for tomorrow cause I can't find the strength to leave you right now So I'll play my role in the mean time but the curtains have fell, I've got no lines What's left to say if it's been said before I've searched my self for an answer I know It's time to go Verse 2 My needs and my wants have collided You can't deny what the heart has decided I'm fighting a battle that I know I can't win And I'm troubled by moments of laughter reminding me what I was after but it's never enough of a moment that lasts it's tough to say but harder to show It's time to go Verse 3 Am I deciding or stalling cause I sing all the words but won't talk it sometimes i just wish you would tell me you're thru Cause I'm looking for places to put blame But it always comes back from where it came I know that you've never done anything wrong I sing the words but it's time we spoke It's time to go.

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