Audeliver demo podcast: [FNAF/SFM] "Five More Nights" by JT Music

[FNAF/SFM] "Five More Nights" by JT Music

Published on Wed, 5 Feb 2020 13:58:01

WOW. This project takes the trophy for the longest I've ever spent on a single animation. I started it on February 9th and just finished it today on March 31st. The ending is going to look rushed since I made it with just a few hours to spare before the release, but I think the rest turned out pretty well! -------------------------------------------- Original Song: by JT Music: Time taken on the project: 2/9/19 - 3/31/19 (50 days) Twitter: Discord Server: As always, reactions are welcome! #Derpy_Horse4 #FNAF #FiveMoreNights

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