Audeliver demo podcast: [1 Hour Loop Playlist] Winner (위너) - SOSO

[1 Hour Loop Playlist] Winner (위너) - SOSO

Published on Wed, 26 Aug 2020 21:36:44

Winner (위너) ('The 3rd Mini Album'[Cross]) Audio Track List: 1. SOSO 2. OMG 3. DRESS UP (빼입어) 4. FLAMENCO (HOONY SOLO) 5. WIND (바람) (YOON SOLO) 6. DON’T BE SHY (끄덕끄덕) TAGS: lyrics Lyrics lyrics Color Coded Lyrics english trans Live line distribution dance practice showcase thaisub vietsub pt-br español 中字 日本語字幕 かなるび 歌詞 Official Instrumental instrumental line distribution full album Live cover Stage Mix mashup remix male version chipmunk version nightcore reaction dance cover Sing Along Version Karaoke Official Audio Unofficial Audio Best to watch on mobile Mobile Version 18:9 16:9 vertical mv The Show Win Show Champion Win M Countdown Win Music Bank Win Show Music Core Win Inkigayo Win Lyrics will be out soon. Click on the CC icon to check. Follow on my Instagram Account: Winner WINNER 위너 WIN Who Is Next Yoon Seungyoon Kang Seung Yoon 강승윤 Jinu Jinwoo Kim Jin Woo 김진우 Hoony Seunghoon Lee Seung Hoon 이승훈 Mino Song Min Ho 송민호 I do not own this video. All Copyright ⓒ YG Entertainment.

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