Audeliver demo podcast: Drowning Pool "BODIES" Live 9/18/2015 @ Whiskey Dick's Saloon in Goldsboro NC

Drowning Pool "BODIES" Live 9/18/2015 @ Whiskey Dick's Saloon in Goldsboro NC

Published on Tue, 3 Apr 2018 02:33:19

Drowning Pool LIVE at Whiskey Dick's Saloon in Goldsboro NC September 18th 2015 Find more Drowning Pool Music, Tour Dates, Merch, & More: Members in this performance: C.J. Pierce – Guitar Stevie Benton – Bass Mike Luce – Drums Jasen Moreno – Vocals ABOUT Drowning Pool: Giant riffs, crowd moving grooves and monstrous vocals are the tools with which Drowning Pool build triumph out of tragedy, steadily evolve without compromise, and remain true to their supporters with 15 years’ worth of remarkable fortitude and attitude. The heavy music minded group of Texans saw each of their last three albums (including 2013’s career redefining Resilience) debut in the Top 5 on Billboard’s Hard Rock chart, cementing the legacy established by their now legendary debut. Big sonic slabs of muscular power with a taste of the dark melodies of post-grunge remain Drowning Pool’s stock and trade. Their music is an unapologetic and unashamed celebration of life’s joy and pain, able to swiftly maneuver between defiant declarations of resistance. Drowning Pool have scorched the stage alongside a who’s-who of genre legends, upstarts and everything else on the spectrum, including Kiss, Korn, Sevendust, Seether, P.O.D., Hellyeah, Five Finger Death Punch, Black Label Society and more, plus stints on Ozzfest with Metallica, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson. Drowning Pool decided to celebrate the enduring power of the devastatingly heavy but relentlessly catchy platinum platter, Sinner, with an Unlucky 13 Anniversary Edition, which made perfect sense. After all, so much superstition surrounds the number 13 there’s even a psychological term for it, yet punks, bikers, metalheads, rockabillies and likeminded hellraisers scoff at “triskaidekaphobia” and embrace “13” as their own. There are some high-rises without a “thirteenth” floor. But this is the space where Drowning Pool and their fans live, the darker in between many fear to tread. Drowning Pool have beaten the darkness and they celebrate life on life’s terms. The core trio of C.J. Pierce (guitar), Stevie Benton (bass) and Mike Luce (drums) mine hardship, struggle and disappointment to emerge victorious each time, crafting empowering hard rock anthems. Drowning Pool songs conjure emotions that deeply connect with those who persevere against the odds and sacrifice to survive, whether it’s a military soldier serving overseas, or a blue-collar family trying to make ends meet. Their music transcends boundaries of race, class and lifestyle as well, resonating with people from all walks of life who look to music to get them through life’s challenges. Jasen Moreno’s massive pipes enabled him to quickly master Drowning Pool’s dense catalog when he became the band’s frontman in 2012. From his reverent delivery of the late Dave Williams mosh-pit ready lyrics in the ubiquitous signature hit “Bodies” and the rest of Sinner, to his powerful take on Top 5 Active Rock hits like “Step Up” from Desensitized (2004), “37 Stitches” from Full Circle (2007), and “Feel Like I Do” (Drowning Pool, 2010), Moreno injects fresh life into the songs with his unique stamp. As Revolver Magazine noted in their review of Resilience: “Drowning Pool continue to produce consistently killer albums with an unmistakable sound.” The band’s Texas-sized crunch and gregarious, charismatic personalities catapulted them to platinum status and hard rock royalty in the early 2000s alongside contemporaries like Disturbed, Godsmack, Slipknot, and Static-X. They’ve toured with Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe, Papa Roach and System Of A Down. They regularly perform for U.S. Troops, traveling as far as the war zones of the Middle East to the outposts of Southeast Asia. They personally encouraged then-Senator Barack Obama to push through the Lane Evans Health Act, which improved healthcare for veterans. Ever since the release of Resilience (2013) and the subsequent touring behind it and the 2-disc reissue of Sinner, Drowning Pool has amassed a batch of new material so large it could eclipse the sum total of the five albums that came before. The band performs songs from each of their distinctive eras, as the new songs (with more contributions from all four members than ever) encapsulate the strengths of all that’s come before, balanced with a forward thinking vision. Drowning Pool follow a creative muse that’s meditative and celebratory about the past but firmly focused on the present, coalescing into the truth and authenticity of their artistic future. Management: Maria Hoppe / Press Inquiries: Bill Meis / Booking: Andrew Goodfriend / and Dan DeVita /

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