Audeliver demo podcast: Classic R&B Medley - Jayesslee AJ Rafael​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​

Classic R&B Medley - Jayesslee AJ Rafael​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​

Published on Fri, 26 Jun 2020 02:04:36

this is a classic R&B medley. hope you guys enjoy :] JAYESSLEE [Janice and Sonia] is a musical duo (yes, they're twins) from Sydney, Australia. they're so talented and their personalities are so amazing; i was so lucky and blessed to have the chance to meet and sing with them. we had an hour to make this video (and think of a song and arrange it) and i thought it came out as great as it could be :] thanks janice and sonia for inspiring, and for your friendship! love you two! here are their links: over 190,000 likes on FB! thanks for liking it, you got the video to post earlier than scheduled! :] buy my album here: love yall, AJ​​​. About AJ Rafael Hey! I’m AJ Rafael and welcome to my channel. I am passionate about music, performing, Disney and creating YouTube content to share with you. Ever since I can remember I have been creating music, playing instruments and performing. Though I love playing the piano and guitar, I also love trying out unique instruments to create new and original sounds for every song I create. On this channel you will find unique music videos, like my original music, “She Was Mine” and “Without You” and musical medleys, like “My Disney Mashup.” If you like what you see make sure you click SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss a single note!​​​

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