Audeliver demo podcast: One Direction - Shut Up and Dance

One Direction - Shut Up and Dance

Published on Sun, 6 Sep 2020 11:35:07

Hello there! Hope you're having a great day! Let’s just smile and dance! :) Huge thank you to everyone who shared their concert videos and interviews! Massive massive thank you to my Charlie. This video because of you :p Once again I’m so happy that this video makes you happy! So thank you so much for letting me know this and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me :) For some reason I can’t answer some comments, there is no “answer” button there, so I’m sorry but still Thank you so much guys!! xx Thank you SO much Wendy Michaels for this article and kind words. I definitely wasn’t prepared for THIS ________________________________ I do not own anything but editing. All rights belong to their rightful owners.

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