Audeliver demo podcast: IV OF SPADES - I Am A Butterfly (Official Audio)

IV OF SPADES - I Am A Butterfly (Official Audio)

Published on Tue, 12 Mar 2019 06:47:37

The official audio for IV OF SPADES' "I Am A Butterfly" from the new album 'CLAPCLAPCLAP!' - available now LYRICS: VERSE: Daylight has come to an end The sun sleeps for the moon Night sky has remained unchanged The rain speaks for the clouds Extemporizing, imperatively The mourning would weep for herself Melody has become unsung Swaying towards your fervent lips CHORUS: I am a butterfly Who doesn’t even know where else to fly Lost and broken I don’t know why I’ve never looked at me this way before Don’t believe in everything you see VERSE II: Listen to the butterfly As he escape his homemade cage Don’t hide in the dark shadows For you can’t run from your other face Don’t be discouraged if the Dark tries to fool you Save your own protection To preserve your imperfection, darling BRIDGE: I know something That you do not know You know something That everybody knows

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