Audeliver demo podcast: Chicosci - Diamond Shotgun

Chicosci - Diamond Shotgun

Published on Sat, 17 Mar 2018 18:48:36

You ASKED, you WAITED, you WANT IT..Lock and load, people... because theyre back. With a new rocking sound, an unbeatable vigor, and impenetrable force, you can bet on this group to bring in the most explosive album to date! The long wait is over, CHICOSCI is here to redefine music with their latest groundbreaking album FLY BLACK HEARTS! CHICOSCI redefines their sound with the release of their newest, pioneering and explosive album under MCA Music FLY BLACK HEARTS, with their current single DIAMOND SHOTGUN! Working meticulously and intently on their newest album, the result is no less than sheer genius as the smashing bass lines and syndicating beats coerce to form the biggest thing in music! CHICOSCI is making waves across the region, spreading their music in various countries in South East Asia. Aside from sharing the stage with American big-name acts such as Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, and Thursday, CHICOSCI has toured with other groups from Asia and Australia. The band has also been busy crossing international borders by performing in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Truth be told, CHICOSCIs fanbase has expanded exponentially over the past year and will only grow bigger as the boys continue to make waves in music industry!

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