Audeliver demo podcast: Kamikazee - Halik | Tower Sessions OSE (S01E13 Part 4)

Kamikazee - Halik | Tower Sessions OSE (S01E13 Part 4)

Published on Fri, 25 May 2018 20:33:32

Tower Sessions Presents: Kamikazee Tower Sessions OSE (Off Season Episodes) feature additional performances and content that were not included in the season run. For this episode, Kamikazee performs their song "Halik." This performance was the band's last song during their set for the Tower Sessions Season One Finale. Be sure to turn on annotations if you want to link to the band's other performances. Visit Kamikazee on Facebook to learn more about this band, and check out to find out more about how you can record at Tower of Doom Studios. Kamikazee on Facebook: RECORD NOW! VISIT

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