Audeliver demo podcast: Sword Art Online 2 ED - Shirushi (Extended Version)

Sword Art Online 2 ED - Shirushi (Extended Version)

Published on Wed, 23 May 2018 23:01:24

Sword Art Online 2 ED - Shirushi ソードアート・オンライン 2 ED - シルシ --- A day late from my Friday upload schedule, but here it is – SAO ED “Shirushi” (Extended Version). You know, I have to be honest: SAO isn’t really my favorite anime of all time, but by god the music is just amazing. LiSA is amazing. I want to have the song speak for itself, so I have included the English lyrics (thanks for the translation by Thaerin), and I wont say anymore. The case of my piano here is not present, because I was fixing the A-key. I put industrial grade epoxy glue on it to try to fix it, but due to the forces of the piano playing, it didn’t work. I’m trying more ways of fixing that A-key though. For next Friday’s upload… well let’s just say I wont be putting on a mask and lying about it. See you guys next week, and I hope you enjoy this beautiful SAO Ending Theme sung by LiSA meanwhile~ - - - - - - Support Theishter on Patreon: New website: The book of my face: Ishter twitter: - - - - - - Piano arrangement by Tehishter Original song: -Composer: KAYOKO [カヨコ] -Arranger: Shota Horie -Lyricist: LiSA - - - - - Sheet archive on my website! ishter twitter: The book of my face:

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