Audeliver demo podcast: Midnasty - mOMENt (Official Music Video)

Midnasty - mOMENt (Official Music Video)

Published on Sun, 10 Feb 2019 11:40:17

Midnasty performing "mOMENt" -Lyrics Below- Beat produced by: JJ Baccaro Directed by: Jose Ramon Kho Director of Photography: Kho Brothers Production Manager: Prince Allister Aljas Composers: Jose Ramon Kho, Earl Neil Kho, Mark Ausejo Music Producers: Mark Ausejo Video Crew: Baby On Board Follow Midnasty: Spotify: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: SoundCloud: YouTube: Lyrics: Lyrics: NIkKHo (verse 1) far, far from the island Society doesn’t exist your body my body the stars are our witness baby tell me what’s better than this feelin' the rhythm beat on my chest baby what we have we blessed we ain’t gonna be somebody now im feinding for your body that body alright toast for the moment roll one for the night together we cherish and celebrate life oh God we ain’t gonna be somebody now im feinding for your body that body, alright Chorus: i just Need a moment with you need a moment with you(4x) Makoy (verse 2) lately i don’t know if ive been livin right sorry for the times that i have made you cry sorry for the realness that ive try to hide sorry if this love felt like suicide cause risk takers, are heartbreakers and peace makers are inner damage takers and thy team, is all in talking bout reality you dont know what this boy is into, war outside your window, just incase i no longer came thru, just know that i would vibe with you like this, there is more to life so dont you miss, every single moment, are precious moments, every single moment, make precious moments.. Chorus: Bridge (Arkho) kay ikaw.. ako'ng paboritong bisho halang murag bino.. dagkot, shotgananay, ligid,langay-langay ahhh.. dagkot, shotgananay, ligid,langay-langay ahhh.. gusto ko'g tinuod dili ko manglu.od... gusto ko'g lahutay dili puro sugod.

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