Audeliver demo podcast: Katrina Velarde sings Never Enough for Rebecca Ferguson, instead of Loren Allred (Greatest Showman)

Katrina Velarde sings Never Enough for Rebecca Ferguson, instead of Loren Allred (Greatest Showman)

Published on Sat, 9 Mar 2019 05:36:34

Katrina Velarde takes over for Loren Allred and instead loops Never Enough for actress Rebecca Ferguson, who is portraying singer Jenny Lind in the movie The Greatest Showman (2017). This is a demonstration of how the looping process works--an actor sings a song, but someone else records the song in the comfort and control of a studio, then the sound and picture are matched up to make it appear that what we're seeing is what we're hearing. Hollywood has been doing it for decades. The exception is Les Misérables (2012), also starring Hugh Jackman, and is a must-see film for a fan of musicals, because all the vocals were recorded live during the shooting of the movie, so in the case of Les Misérables, we are hearing what we're seeing, a remarkable feat, which was also a great critical and box office success. In the case of this unedited Katrina Velarde video, what we're seeing IS actually what we're hearing. Rebecca Ferguson, however, may be "singing," but we're not hearing whatever she sang during the shooting of The Greatest Showman. Instead, for the film, Loren Allred was brought in to do the vocals, but we're not hearing Loren Allred at all in this video, just Katrina Velarde from start to finish. From this demonstration, notice how frequently the vocals happen to match up, without Katrina even attempting to match or copy the actions of the actor, Rebecca Ferguson. When a deliberate effort is made, matching vocals with an actor is actually quite easy. Making it appear that singing is happening in the visuals is more difficult, although Rebecca Ferguson does an excellent job at making it appear she really is singing what we're hearing. Clearly, she is singing something, but we're not hearing it. Perhaps someday it will be released, if it was even recorded. Katrina Velarde The Greatest Showman (2017) Loren Allred sings Never Enough for Rebecca Ferguson Loren Allred sings Never Enough live Les Misérables (2012)

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