Audeliver demo podcast: 2Pac ft Sade - Jezebel

2Pac ft Sade - Jezebel

Published on Sat, 13 Jun 2020 23:53:59

2Pac ft Sade - Jezebel with lyric : She was .. Born A heavy set girl with pig tails and curls A heart full of gold Still it won't change the world Though she could never understand why Some underhanded plans, witnessed a man die Was only 15 Should have been a beauty queen Still see here crying by the caskets when here parents got killed Little girl don't cry 'Coz even though they died You can best believe they watching over thee from the sky Never asked for this misery But look at what you gettin' It's a blessing in disguise When you find out your pregnant No money, no home And even though you all alone You'se got to do this on your own So baby go on I wish you luck And if you need me, call Just come to me and let me feed you all I can understand The way it feels when you fighting the world Facing all this drama When mama's just A little girl

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