Audeliver demo podcast: Tokyo Ghoul OP – Unravel (Acoustic)

Tokyo Ghoul OP – Unravel (Acoustic)

Published on Wed, 23 May 2018 23:20:31

This is the acoustic piano version of Tokyo Ghoul OP - Unravel. 東京喰種 OP - Unravel High quality audio on Spotify: - - - This song is actually the "acoustic" version, an insert song from Tokyo Ghoul Root A. It consists of TK's singing onto a piano backing, and it's on G flat minor instead of G minor. I've tried this new angle and editing so I can include the lyrics and pictures from the manga. Would you guys like to see this style again? My goal was to have the audience strongly remember and relive the story and characters of Tokyo Ghoul as well. Let me know in the comments! Also: Patreon Launch is on April 1, 2017. The rewards of my Patreon page will be: 1. Early access mp3 (5 days earlier than anyone else) 2. Behind the scenes arranging progress 3. Early access video (5 days earlier than anyone else) 4. EASY version: ➜Exclusive Video ➜Sheet Music ➜Synthesia Video ➜MIDI File 5. YouTube version: ➜Sheet Music ➜Synthesia Video ➜MIDI File The Patreon rewards are here to help you improve as an anime pianist as quickly as possible! - - - - - - High quality audio on Spotify: Sheet archive on my website! ishter twitter: The book of my face: Piano arrangement by Tehishter Lyrics from LyricalNonsense Original song: -Composed, Arranged, and Performed by TK from Ling tosite sigure - - - - -

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