Audeliver demo podcast: Kinsa Siya (Luz Loreto) Classic & Immortal Visayan Songs LP.wmv

Kinsa Siya (Luz Loreto) Classic & Immortal Visayan Songs LP.wmv

Published on Thu, 14 Mar 2019 10:07:03

An special 'must-collector's item' for all Visayan music lovers, this album is intended to have been produced in order to satisfy the enthusiasm and passions of those who love Visayan songs whether love songs, novelties, Christmas, any occasion songs provided that it's all about the talents of Philippine singers, groups, acts or ensembles. This album titled as "Classic & Immortal Visayan Songs' were personally created & organized to give the listeners an easy access to what the album is all about. There are 24 selections in this album highlighting the great & best Visayan performers in the music industry. Performers like Pilita Corrales, Luz Loreto, Del Horest, Zander Khan, Boy Mondragon, Sergs De La Peña, Ruth Vergara, to name a few, create this special package for all Pinoy music aficionados & lovers.

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