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Elon Musk Interview 2017 | The Future The World & Technology

Published on Thu, 12 Oct 2017 11:51:12

Elon Musk on Tesla, SpaceX, business, technology, NASA, Mars, SolarCity, AI, space, and entrepreneurship. Musk also shares his tips and advice for entrepreneurs that wanna change the world. The founder of PayPal loves to share insides about his failure, tips on inspiration, life, humanity, innovation, invention, leadership, and science. He also talks about the boring company and how solar power will change the Tesla motors, electric cars, spacecraft, Falcon, rocket to go to the universe and Mars. This is the best interview, billionaire advice for starting a new business in 2017. Elon Musk is known as the "Iron Man" and his ambitions to go to mars and change the world. Subscribe for more motivational videos. Every week you'll get entrepreneur interviews on success, and motivation. Why you should listen: At SpaceX, Musk oversees the development of rockets and spacecraft for missions to Earth orbit and ultimately to other planets. In 2008, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft won the NASA contract to provide cargo transport to space. In 2012, SpaceX became the first commercial company to dock with the International Space Station and return cargo to Earth with the Dragon. At Tesla, Musk has overseen product development and design from the beginning, including the all-electric Tesla Roadster, Model S and Model X, and the rollout of Supercharger stations to keep the cars juiced up. (Some of the charging stations use solar energy systems from SolarCity, of which Musk is the non-executive chair.) Transitioning to a sustainable energy economy, in which electric vehicles play a pivotal role, has been one of his central interests for almost two decades. He co-founded PayPal and served as the company's chair and CEO.

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