Audeliver demo podcast: PANGAKO (PROMISE) by Regine Velasquez (w/ lyrics)

PANGAKO (PROMISE) by Regine Velasquez (w/ lyrics)

Published on Sun, 3 Jun 2018 18:15:34

Once you've found the right love, hold on to it & make everything to work it out. Everything is worth trying. Don't just let your dream be just a dream --- do all your best to make it become reality :) If that love you've found has been giving you much happiness, then don't stop loving that person. Aim for a continuous happiness in life --- let love fills your heart so you may live happily. And don't forget God to be always there in all your plans :) God bless y'all xoxo :) Follow me on Sing! Karaoke by Smule & plz sing with me :) -- @_TheGoddess461_ Help me in Pets Game on Tagged plz :) Like my main fb page: PANGAKO (PROMISE) by Regine Velasquez Bakit ba may lungkot sa'yong mga mata? (Why there's sadness in your eyes?) Ako kaya'y 'di nais makapiling, sinta? (Could it possibly you don't want to be with me, babe?) 'Di mo ba pansin? Ako sa'yo'y may pagtingin (Can't you notice it? I got feelings for you) Sana ang tinig ko'y iyong dinggin (Hoping you'll hear my voice) Ako ngayo'y hindi mapalagay (I feel worried now) Pagka't ang puso ko'y nalulumbay (Because my heart is being sad) Sana ay pakaingatan mo ito (I hope you'll take care of this) At tandaan mo ang isang pangako (And remember the one promise) Chorus: Pangako, hindi kita iiwan (Promise, I will not leave you) Pangako, 'di ko pababayaan (Promise, I won't let you down) Pangako, hindi ka na mag-iisa (Promise, you'll never be alone anymore) Pangakong magmula ngayo'y tayong dalawa ang magkasama (Promise from now on both of us will stay together) Ano itong nadarama ko? (What's this I'm feelin'?) Ako kaya'y nahuhulog, umiibig na sa'yo? (Am I already fallin', already in love with you?) Sa tuwing kasama ka'y ano'ng ligaya (Each time I'm with you is such a happiness) Sana sa akin ay magtiwala (I hope that you'll have trust in me) Kung tunay man ang nadarama mo (If what you feel is really true) Mayro'n akong nais malaman mo (I have something which I want you to know) Ang aking puso ay iyung-iyo (My heart is all yours) 'Wag sanang lumimot sa pangako (Hoping you won't forget about the promise) (Repeat Chorus 2x) Pangako... Pangako (Promise... Promise)

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